Tabletop Day at Imagine Games

So, you folks may be familiar with Tabletop Day. It’s happening this coming March 30, and celebrates the one-year anniversary of the launch of Geek & Sundry show, Tabletop, starring Wil Wheaton. The whole idea is to celebrate the playing of games by – and this is the clever part – PLAYING MORE GAMES!

In that spirit, I’m going to be at Imagine Games and Hobbies here in Winnipeg from open to close on Saturday, March 30, with a big stack of games. Some of the games have appeared on Tabletop and some have not, but they’ll all be available to try out. If you know the game, you can just grab my copy and play. If you don’t, I’ll run it for you.

Subject, of course, to demand. I’m unlikely to stop running one game for folks in order to run a different one for newcomers. Also subject to time. I’m going to bring games that can be wrapped up in an hour or two, but hitting me up for a game of Fiasco fifteen minutes before closing is unlikely to get a positive response. But you never know.

Anyway. I’m going to be bringing at least the following games:

  • Dixit
  • Tsuro
  • Tsuro of the Seas
  • Pandemic
  • Zombie Dice
  • Fiasco
  • Marvel Heroic Roleplaying
  • Betrayal at the House on the Hill
  • Leverage RPG
  • Dungeon World
  • Fury of Dracula

How do you play one of the games? Come up and ask me to play. If we can put together enough people to play, we play. So, one of the best ways to make sure you get to play a given game is to come down with a group and grab me.

There is one catch – the entry fee is a food item donated to Winnipeg Harvest. One item gets you in for the day; multiple items give you some ways to cheat at the games. And it all goes to a good cause.

So, come on down and play some games on March 30th. Doors open at 11:00, and close at 6:00. I’ll be there the whole time, anxious to play something.

After all, it’s Tabletop Day.

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  1. Barry says:

    Sounds good! Me and The Wife should be there.

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