Almost Time!

Two days to my flight to Ireland. I’ve been spending the last week or so making sure I’ve got all my ducks in a row for the trip. I’ve got my euros and pounds, I’ve got my health insurance, I’ve got my reservations and bookings and tickets. I’ve got my bags mostly packed, and am going to finish making sure I’ve got the stuff I want loaded onto my laptop, iPad, and iPhone tonight. This morning, I phoned Ariel House to confirm my reservation in Dublin1. I’ve even checked bus schedules to see about travel between the various cities and made note of the times available on the days I need.

I was worried that some of my checking might just be a little obsessive, but the other day I realized that I had booked a stay for three nights in Glasgow instead of Galway2. Now, I’m sure Glasgow is very nice, and it’s certainly cheaper than Galway3, but as it’s in Scotland, it’s not very convenient for my needs. So, I caught that and fixed it, and am much relieved.

Nearly there. I’m very excited. Tomorrow – my last day of work before the trip – is going to be a very long day.

  1. Interestingly, they couldn’t find me listed. After a moment of panic, we discovered they were looking under the wrong date. Much relieved. []
  2. The two cities are next to each other in the menu on the Jury’s Inn site. I mistakenly picked the wrong one. []
  3. At least, the Jury’s Inn in Glasgow is cheaper than the Jury’s Inn in Galway. []

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