No More Delay!

So, I pulled the trigger today and bought my tickets for my Ireland trip next year. Also booked some places to stay, because I was on a roll booking stuff.

Thus far, I’ve booked a week in Dublin and a week in Galway, with one week still up in the air. I want to take things a little easier, this trip, with more opportunity to soak up the feel of the places I visit, and wander a bit more away from tours and such. I’m still planning on doing some day tours and stuff, but my experience from my last Ireland trip1 has given me more confidence in finding my way around on my own, and in finding things to do without such a structured schedule.

So, yeah, a week hanging around Dublin2, same thing in Galway. The last week3, I’m trying to decide if I want to pick one more city, or if I want to split it between two. Maybe back to Belfast, or Kilkenny, or Cork, or Killarney, or Doolin, or maybe somewhere new like Waterford or Limerick, or even Clare Island or Inismór.

Still, I’ve got a little time to sort that out: my trip’s not until next May.

If you’re interested, you can see my very preliminary itinerary here. It’ll grow and become much more precise as the year goes by.

  1. And my UK trip, as well. []
  2. With maybe a day trip here and there. []
  3. Actually the first week in the schedule. []