Slow train to Killkenny

To be fair, the train wasn’t all that slow, but it took far longer to get from Killarney to Kilkenny than one would expect, looking at a map. Basically, you have to take the train back to Dublin, then out to Kilkenny. So, it wound up being about five and a half hours travelling.

And, as usual, it was hard to leave Killarney, and Larkinley Lodge, and Toni and Danny. I just love it there.

So, most of the day was travel. We got to our hotel in Kilkenny around three, dropped our bags off, and went to find some food.

Matt the Miller’s is where I had dinner the first night in Kilkenny on my last trip, and it worked this time, too. I was especially hungry, because all I’d had to eat all day was a Kind bar.

We also took a bit of a stroll around, stopped in at the tourist information office, and got some leads on some tours. We decided to do a Haunted Killkenny tour this evening, and it was great. The guide was an archaeologist that works in the local museum, a was both extremely knowledgeable and very entertaining.

No pictures, though, because no ghosts showed up. Good, grisly stories, though.

And that’s about it for today.

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