I’m home again.

I got back into Canada on Saturday, but drove pretty much immediately out to my parents’ place. See, it’s Thanksgiving here in Canada, and on top of that, my brother and sister-in-law were out at the farm with my nephew and niece. So I couldn’t miss the chance to see the kids.

I’m pretty tired. The trip home was long, and made doubly trying by my head cold. I was wide awake at 4:00 AM on Sunday morning through a combination of jet lag and the cold, and spent last night sleeping in a sitting position so that I could breathe. Not a lot of fun.

But I got to spend time with my niece and nephew. He’s seven, and she’s five, and they’ve just decided that they like Star Wars1, so all of a sudden all of Uncle Rick’s weirdness2 has become cool. My niece has a Darth Vader costume for Hallowe’en, and I found a Luke Skywalker costume for my nephew online, and ordered it to be waiting for him when he gets home.

But enough about that.


Man, that was an amazing three weeks. I saw so much cool stuff, and met so many great people. And found so much more cool stuff that I didn’t get a chance to see. I really need to go back. We’ll have to see when I can swing that.

Tonight is the first night I get to have a shower in my own shower and sleep in my own bed. I’m looking forward to that, though I wish my cold was gone. Tomorrow, I’m back to work. Before bed tonight, I want to rip the CDs I bought to mp3s that I can put on my iPhone and bring in to work. I also want to hit up TripAdvisor and enter some reviews for the great places I stayed and tours I took.

In the next couple of days, when I get a bit caught up, I’m going to put up one more post here. It’s a product of my obsessive tech writer mind – a Lessons Learned evaluation: what worked well, what didn’t, what I want to change for next time. At that point, this blog is going to go dormant. It won’t come down, but it won’t be updated.

At least, not until I start planning my next trip…

  1. Well, the prequel trilogy, anyway. What do you expect? They’re kids. And the prequel movies are a great kids’ gateway to some really good science fiction. []
  2. Okay, maybe not all. That might be expecting too much. []

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